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Monday, June 25, 2012

Software Android WiFi Free

Software Android WiFi Free How does it work?
  • Start the application, choose a location and search for WiFi available.
  • We scan all found networks and filter those with available passwords or no passwords at all (all passwords are user shared and no hacking or intrusion of privacy is involved).
  • Choose your WiFi and start browsing.
Wifi Free gives you information about all nearby WiFi spots - both free and secured.

We know how active you are and wherever you may be, you will always need internet and free networks are not always available, nor steady.
Here comes the WifiFree - we scan wireless networks near your location or any given location and find the most relevant WiFi spots.

The application is 4square based and if you have a 4square account and don't mind the ads showing here and there, it's absolutely free.
Try it! It's free, easy and helpful.   Install