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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Software Android Mobile Monitor

Software Android Mobile Monitor Description :

Mobile Monitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application for Android phones running on 2.1 up to 2.3.7 version. Once installed on your phone, it backs up all your sensitive data, keeps it safe on your web based Private area and increases the phone recovery chances in case of loss or theft. Once installed on your kids' or employees' phones, it lets you monitor:
• Call History - made and received;
• SMS History - sent and received;
• E-mail History;
• GPS Location in real time;
• Images, Video and Audio files;
• Browser History and Bookmarks
• Calendar events and more...

How to use?
1. Download and install it on the device(s) you wish to monitor following the instructions. (Once installed the app is completely invisible and undetectable)
2. Go to and start monitoring. That’s all!

During the application installation you must specify an active and valid e-mail address. You will receive on this e-mail your login information to start monitoring the device from your Private area at
Feel free to contact with MobileMonitor Support using e-mail :